Thyroid Surgery

Thyroid Surgery in Oceanside, CA   

The thyroid is an important gland in the neck that produces hormones responsible for controlling everything from heart rate to metabolism. While common thyroid disorders can often be managed with medications and lifestyle changes, if you are dealing with cancer or thyroid nodules, our board-certified otolaryngologists Dr. Robert Jacobs, Dr. Richard Liu and Dr. Sarah Carroll may recommend thyroid surgery.

When Is Thyroid Surgery Needed?

Our team of otolaryngologists will most often recommend thyroid surgery to patients diagnosed with thyroid cancer and patients with thyroid nodules that could be cancerous or have a nodule that is causing problems such as pushing on the trachea. When hyperthyroidism—a chronic disorder in which the thyroid produces too much hormone—doesn’t respond to medications and other treatment options, surgery may be necessary to remove the thyroid.

What Type of Thyroid Surgery Will I Require?

There are different types of thyroid surgeries that our team performs right here at our clinic. We will discuss your operation with you in detail during your pre-surgical consultation, so you understand why you are undergoing this surgery and what it entails. We will also discuss whether we are performing a partial or total thyroidectomy, where we either remove certain parts of the thyroid or the whole thyroid). For more aggressive cancers, we may also need to perform a lymph node dissection to see if the thyroid cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, which will also impact whether you’ll require additional treatment or cancer therapy after this surgery.

What Happens if I Need To Undergo a Biopsy?

Suppose our team suspects that a lesion or module could be cancerous. In that case, we will perform an ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration biopsy to remove a small amount of tissue from the thyroid. While an imaging test will be needed to detect nodules or lesions, these tests are not sensitive enough to tell us if these growths are benign or cancerous, so we will need to perform a needle biopsy to learn more.

The thyroid is a critical part of your health. If you are experiencing warning signs of thyroid dysfunction, call ENT Associates today at (760) 724-8749 to schedule an evaluation.

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