What Is Balloon Sinus Surgery?

When dealing with chronic sinus pain and sinusitis, it may feel like there aren’t any options that can help clear out your sinuses. It can be difficult to live with sinusitis and you might find yourself struggling to function normally throughout each day. Dr. Robert Jacobs, Dr. Richard Liu, and Dr. Sarah Carroll at ENT Associates in Oceanside, CA, can explain what balloon sinus surgery is and how it can help open up obstructed sinuses.

What is Balloon Sinus Surgery?

When you’re dealing with chronic sinusitis, our ENT doctors in Oceanside, CA, may recommend balloon sinus surgery as a way to open up the sinuses and relieve some of the pain you might be experiencing. An endoscope will be used to guide the balloon through the sinus cavity. Once in the obstructed area, the balloon is inflated to help open the narrowed passageway.

This procedure is minimally invasive and offers a faster recovery time than other procedures. This procedure is usually performed in the office comfortably with mild oral sedation, regional and local anesthesia. Patients may choose to sleep or watch the procedures live on large screen monitors.

Balloon sinus surgery can help your ENT doctor treat symptoms of facial pressure, sinus obstruction and recurrent infections. This can also be combined with other procedures that can improve nasal airway, stop chronic runny nose, treat eustachian tube dysfunction and eliminate ear pressure.

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