What Is Balloon Sinus Surgery?

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Why Should You Be Interested in Balloon Sinus Surgery?

Chronic sinusitis is a condition that affects millions of people around the world. In the United States alone, the CDC notes that around 28.9 million adults have been diagnosed with sinusitis.

Sinusitis can be bothersome due to the symptoms it causes.

People with sinusitis suffer from runny noses, congestion, pain around the eyes, ears, and cheeks, sore throat, coughing, and fatigue. It can also cause bad breath while simultaneously hampering your ability to enjoy your food.

Most of the time, people treat chronic sinusitis with medication. That could work for you as well. However, there’s also a chance that your specific condition may not respond well to medication alone. In that case, you should look into getting balloon sinus surgery.

Balloon sinus surgery, also known as balloon sinuplasty, allows people to break free from chronic sinusitis for good. During the surgery, the doctor will insert a specially designed balloon inside your sinuses and inflate it. Inflating the balloon will enlarge your sinus cavity.

Once the procedure is finished, your sinuses should be less obstructed. The symptoms of sinusitis that previously plagued you should also disappear. Undergoing balloon sinuplasty makes a lot of sense if you don’t want to deal with the symptoms of chronic sinusitis any longer.

Pay a visit to Dr. Jacobs, Dr. Liu, and Dr. Carroll of ENT Associates if you wish to undergo balloon sinus surgery.

What Is the Experience of Undergoing Balloon Sinus Surgery?

Balloon sinuplasty delivers results, but some folks may be hesitant to try it given the nature of the procedure itself. You’ll be glad to know that the experience of undergoing balloon sinuplasty is more pleasant than it may initially seem.

If this is done as an office procedure, an oral sedative and local anesthesia are used. In the surgery center it will often be done with a general anesthetic. You’ll be awake for the procedure, but you don’t have to worry about experiencing any pain as it is carried out.

Patients also don’t have to do much during the procedure. Simply sit there and wait for the doctor to complete the procedure. The procedure usually takes around two to three hours.

Most patients can head home after the procedure is finished. They usually don’t have to stay at the clinic for further evaluation. You may be asked to regularly clean your nasal cavity while you are recovering, but that’s about it.

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