What To Expect After Thyroid Surgery

Understand the recovery process after your thyroidectomy.

If you’ve been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, nodules, or hyperthyroidism, our Oceanside, CA, Otolaryngologists Dr. Robert Jacobs, Dr. Richard Liu, and Dr. Sarah Carroll may recommend surgery to remove part or all of the thyroid. If you're about to undergo thyroid surgery, you may want to know more about the recovery process to understand what to expect.

You May Have a Sore Throat

It’s common for individuals after thyroid surgery to experience trouble swallowing, neck pain, or a sore throat. Our ENT doctors assure you these symptoms are temporary and very normal after surgery.

Your Diet Will Change

Again, this is temporary, but more than likely, you’ll need to consume liquids and soft foods until your symptoms go away. Cold drinks and ice pops can ease sore throats. Stick to foods such as eggs, mashed potatoes, and yogurt, which are soft and easier to eat. Avoid raw or hard, scratchy foods. Avoid acidic foods, including fruits, which could sting.

Rest is Key

No matter how active you are, you’ll need to rest as much as possible and avoid certain activities until you fully heal. Our Oceanside, CA, team will be able to tell you when you can resume your normal activities after thyroid surgery. For now, your focus is to rest as much as possible, and ensure you get adequate sleep, which aids in a faster recovery. While you can and should walk throughout the day to boost blood flow, do not do anything that requires straining, strenuous exertion, or heavy lifting for at least the first two weeks after surgery.

Your Medication Regimen May Change

Our Otolaryngologists will also tell you when you can begin retaking certain medications after your thyroid surgery. We will also provide you with any instructions you may require for new medications we’ve prescribed. Always follow these instructions, particularly when taking pain medication or antibiotics. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the medications we’ve prescribed or when you can begin taking certain medications again, such as blood thinners.

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