Understanding Latera

How Latera nasal implants from your ENT specialists in Oceanside, CA, can help you breathe better

Occasional nasal congestion is a common problem, but if you are suffering chronic nasal congestion, you need to know more about Latera, a nasal implant designed to keep your nasal passages open, so you can breathe better. Drs. Robert Jacobs, Richard Liu, and Sarah Carroll at ENT Associates in Oceanside, CA, provide comprehensive ENT services, including Latera nasal implants to help you breathe better.

What Causes Nasal Airway Obstruction?

If you suffer from nasal airway obstruction, you are not alone. In fact, it’s estimated over 20 million Americans have the condition. Nasal airway obstruction can be caused by:

  • A structural abnormality in your nose
  • Chronic inflammation and swelling of your nasal passages
  • A bent or deviated septum
  • Enlarged ridges of bone and tissue in your nose
  • Weak nasal cartilage which collapses inward when you inhale

Latera is a revolutionary answer to nasal passage congestion. It’s an absorbable nasal implant which provides structural support to the upper and lower cartilage in your nose. A latera implant is placed in the nasal wall by our ENT specialist. When you have Latera nasal implants placed, the inside of your is numbed with local anesthetic and a tube containing the implant is inserted into the outside wall of your nose. The implant is placed into position.

The implant is designed to be absorbed over 18 months and replaced with natural collagen, creating supported nasal walls. Strong nasal walls allow your nasal passages to stay open, so you can breathe better.

When you choose Latera nasal implants, you will enjoy many important benefits like these:

  • Reduced nasal congestion and stuffiness
  • Less difficulty breathing through your nose
  • Improved ability to breathe during exercise
  • Less difficulty sleeping

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